A&E by D&C

photographic print on archival paper


The story of Adam & Eve is a recurring motif in Daniel & Clara's work – both directly in their various film and performance re-imaginings of the story, as well as indirectly in their casting of themselves as two humans adrift in the landscape.

In A&E by D&C, a found image of Adam & Eve depicts the moment of expulsion as they cross the threshold to the wasteland and experience for the first time the desolation of their new environment – a moment of psychological rupture and the coming to consciousness of the impact of their actions.

In their work, Daniel & Clara have been exploring how the climate crisis is also a psychological crisis manifesting from the perceived separation between humans and nature. A&E is not only an acronym for Adam & Eve but also Accident & Emergency, referring to the increasing urgency of the environmental crisis and our realisation that we may have set in motion the conditions of our own destruction.

Each piece is created by spilling vivid red oil paint onto an inkjet printed image and photographing it while the paint is still wet. Each piece in the series is available as an unique edition of 1 (+1 AP).