painted postcard series



2022   Lot Projects, London, UK
2022   Hamilton MAS, Felixstowe, UK
2022   303 Projects, Lowestoft, UK

Affirmation is a series of painted postcards exploring ideas around the psychology of names and the art-making impulse as an affirmation of existence.

In this series Daniel & Clara take a set of the National Gallery's 'British Artists' postcards and write their names on them in thick red oil paint. On the one hand transforming a found object into an art object, on the other cheekily inserting themselves into the British art canon – this act for them is about the artist's desire to be a part of this history and contribute to the ongoing story of human creativity.

To write one's name can be an act of ownership, a legal agreement, an autograph or the designation that a work of art is finished. Our names are the first words we learn to write and our sense of self is tied up with both the sound and visual image of our names. To write our names is to say 'we exist', it becomes an evidence that we were here.