“That we exist is a miracle. Billions of years ago two single cell organisms accidentally merged and from there life on earth as we know it began. Here we are now, two humans, making art together, in a time of climate crisis and a global pandemic trying to make sense of what it means to be alive.

Our work grows from a fascination with the strangeness and mystery of being a living breathing human creature, with all our complex dreams, fantasies, emotions and physical senses. We are interested in how we humans take the chaotic material of our lives and organise it into narratives to create a sense of meaning.

We use ourselves and our experiences as the material of our work but it's not entirely autobiographical, we question the very nature of biography, that process of organising moments of our lives into linear 'plot points' with a clear cause and effect.

The artefacts of our explorations exist as things the viewer can encounter on their own terms, they become elements in their own story. Our fascination is with the subjective experience, the way each of us is in a continuous process of creating our own reality.

An anxiety bubbles through our work, erupting at times from the landscape or nature, at other times from the body. This horror grows from an increasing awareness of the climate crisis, the realisation that what we have done to the planet we have done to ourselves. We feel like Adam & Eve at the end of the world confronting the beauty and terror of existing.”

- Daniel & Clara