Daniel & Clara


Birding is a body of work about the human gaze, exploring the optical and psychological processes at play when humans look at nature, particularly focusing on birdwatching and the projections that take place between watcher and bird.

Using moving image and photography to depict wild birds, trained birds and taxidermy specimens, Daniel & Clara engage with the various ways in which we have looked at and studied birds through history and the role images play in understanding our relationship to the natural world.

  • A note from the artist – Daniel & Clara
  • Why Look at Birds? – Victoria Matthews
  • Possession – Miranda Cichy
  • Dear Daniel & Clara – Matthew Bowman
  • Interview with Daniel & Clara – Oksana Chefranova

Designed by Duncan Poulton
Printed by Angel Press

This book has been made possible with the support of Arts Council England.

Softcover, 84 pages, dimensions 148 x 210 mm, ISBN: 978-1-3999-8296-2

£15 plus p&p

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