From Here To The End

polaroid diptych series



2022   Lot Projects, London, UK
2022   Hamilton MAS, Felixstowe, UK
2022   303 Projects, Lowestoft, UK

A series of 100 polaroid diptychs capturing the artist’s encounters with the British landscape, responding to a sense of place and the impact of landscape and weather on their state of mind and imagination. Moving between moments of terror, bliss, awe and surrender, each picture is a confrontation with the passing of time and the inevitable finality of our existence. 

“We are here, in this moment, but not forever. Each step forwards brings us closer to the end, the end of our individual lives but also possibly to the end of the human species. Making this project we’ve become very aware of the passing of time, in the few minutes between taking the two shots everything seems to change, the wind will pick up, the light shifts, a cloud will pass over – it becomes a dance with the unceasing movement of the world.”

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