Daniel & Clara
Landscape Imaginary

• Softcover 64 pages

• Dimensions 200 x 250 mm

• ISBN: 978-1-3999-1648-6

• £20 plus p&p

Landscape Imaginary is the first comprehensive monograph on artist Daniel & Clara, published to accompany a series of exhibitions and screenings of their work taking place across the East of England in 2022.

The body of work covered in this book grows from the artist's encounter with particular landscapes both real and imagined. Merging inner and outer experiences, their moving image, photographic and correspondence works question the nature of human experience, perception and reality.

  • Foreword - Amanda Geitner
  • The Shock of Each Moment - Richard Ashrowan
  • Avebury - Susan Owens
  • On The Island - Rosy Gray
  • Spectres of Correspondence - Adam Scovell
  • Interview with Daniel & Clara - Jess Twyman

Designed by Flaminia Rossi and Samantha Whetton at Design Print Bind

This book has been made possible with the support of Essex County Council, Arts Council England, East Anglia Art Fund, Firstsite Collector's Group, Metal Southend and Norwich Castle.