Espectros Da Terra – the spirits of the earth – a fever dream captured on super 8, a vision of the world transforming. We shot this film during our last year living in Portugal, it may appear that we had ventured off into a vast forest or crossed over into some Narnian realm but it was in fact filmed on urban edgelands: an overgrown roundabout, the scrap-land behind a supermarket. Just beyond the frame cars flowed past in deafening waves. We wanted to tease from the cracks in the concrete long lost myths, to glimpse for a moment a world without the human at the centre. One day we'll all be gone, nothing is permanent. A time will come when the human creature shall breathe its last breath. Who shall cry the final cry, and utter the gasp at the end of the world? We dreamt this moment, for a second we were there and when the clutter of our species had cleared, the spirits of the earth came out into view.

- Daniel & Clara, July 2021