On The Island

moving image



2022   Lot Projects, London, UK
2022   Hamilton MAS, Felixstowe, UK
2022   303 Projects, Lowestoft, UK
2022   Jaywick Martello Tower, UK
2022   Landscape Imaginary, Mersea Island, UK
2022   Landscape Elsewhere, Calm & Punk Gallery, Tokyo
2021   Breathing the Light, Art Exchange, UK
2021   Big Screen, Focal Point Gallery, UK
2021   Somewhere Unexpected, Norwich Castle, UK
2020   Missing Observer Studies, Huner Francis, USA

On The Island is a series of 100 short videos initially shared through Instagram depicting Daniel & Clara in the landscapes of Mersea Island on the Essex coast, where they’ve been living since March 2020.

In the Spring of 2020 when the first lockdown was announced, Daniel & Clara unexpectedly found themselves residents of Mersea Island. Taking their permitted 1 hour of exercise per day to walk and explore the landscape, they began a body of work called On The Island. Consisting of 100 videos filmed over 1 year, each shows a moment of looking and listening to their new environment.

A response to the psychological impact of the global pandemic and the physical restrictions of lockdown, On The Island captures moments of deep engagement with the landscapes and weather through that strange year when we all found ourselves confined to our local environments.

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