Red Letters

The Red Letters are a series of 12 letters printed on red paper, each accompanied by a black & white photograph taken on our vintage Goldy camera.

They tell the stories of our visits to various sites in the British countryside, each focusing on a different place such as Sutton Hoo, Avebury stone circle, the Uffington White Horse, and the Essex coast amongst others.

The Red Letters are being created as a part of our current body of work exploring what we have called the Landscape Imaginary.

Landscape Imaginary refers to the zone where the inner and outer experiences of place exist as one, it is our psychological experience of the landscape and the dream of the landscape itself. It is the meeting point between the personal and that which lays beyond our grasp.

We'll be posting the letters out at the beginning of each month, if you sign up for all 12 you will also receive a bonus 13th letter.