Waiting for Bas

Super 8, 2024, 16 mins

A series of unresolved moments, half-formed thoughts and irrational longings born from encounters with the Cornish landscape.

A film about the past in the present and the present as the future past – Daniel & Clara went in search of traces of artists who have left their mark on Cornwall, from Bas Jan Ader to Virginia Woolf and the unnamed people who carved the ancient stones such as the Mên-an-tol.

Commissioned by Sound/Image Cinema Lab.

En Plein Air

4K, 2020, 18 mins

A series of eight moments captured over a single day in the Sussex village of Mayfield. From first light until night, Daniel & Clara engage in a process of psychological orientation, their state of mind inexplicably linked to the countryside and shifting weather conditions.

Commissioned by the Slow Film Festival.


mini-DV, 2019, 15 mins

Document and dream exist as one in a visionary travelogue of a journey to Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire. The artists return to the site of an earlier experience in order to look again at a place of personal significance. Revisiting presents an experience mediated by technology and expresses the complex layers that inform how we navigate reality and create meaning from our experiences.

Snakes & Ladders

HD & mini-DV, 2019, 32 mins

An experimental video essay responding to the films and writing of Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen. Featuring an extensive conversation with Mulvey, this film focuses on the relationship between theory and practice and how theory informs the strategies and structures of Mulvey/Wollen's films. A particular focus on the relationship between camera, subject, spoken word, text and dialogue is explored, favouring formal experimentation over conventional essay and documentary approaches.


Super 8, 2018, 9 mins

A film of darkness interrupted by fleeting fragments of Super 8 film, evoking a series of mysterious landscapes and eerie encounters in the foggy countryside. Mist, sheep, blood rituals and a film crew dissolving into the scenery. Filmed on the south west coast of Ireland.

Espectros da Terra

Super 8, 2018, 4 mins

A film of a dying world populated by mythic creatures and spirits, a personal meditation on nature and the environment captured on Super 8 film.

Telekinetic Pleasures

VHS, 2018, 8 mins

Artefacts of psychic transmissions captured on videotape in a VHS fever dream of bizarre scientific experiments on humans and chickens.

Scene 13 - The Crow

VHS, 2017, 11 mins

A film about darkness created from the discarded fragments of VHS tape, the overlooked fuzz and glitches that exist between the recorded footage. This is moving image as a first person experience through the dark reaches of the soul, a mythic journey in which we take flight and become the crow.


VHS, 2017, 5 films total runtime 47 mins

The Exteriors series consists of five short films which take sea mist, trees at night, wild flowers, fire and waves as their subjects. Each film is a short meditation on the act of looking and recording.