Studio Diary Series

mini-DV 2018 183 mins

Screenings & Exhibitions
2020   Scarborough Museum, UK
2019   Hosek Contemporary x Mala Voadora, Porto, Portugal
2019   Microcinema Artist’s Moving Image, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, UK
2019   Kino Klub Split, Croatia
2019   Last Thursday Film Club, The Printworks, Hastings, UK
2019   Exploding Appendix Avant-Garde Research Group, Brighton, UK
2019   The Bomb Factory, London, UK
2019   The Hazel Eye Film Festival, USA
2018   Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, UK
2018   Doclisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

The Studio Diaries are a series of 100 short films created over 7 months in 2018, each film was shot, edited and released online on the same day. The first 99 films premiered at Doclisboa festival in Lisbon, with the final 100th instalment filmed at the festival.

Marking a significant shift in Daniel & Clara's practice, the Studio Diary Series captures a period of personal and creative transformation as they broke down the boundaries between their life and art. Each of the 100 videos is infused with an urgent spirit of searching, experimentation and testing of ideas, the entire creative process is laid bare.

With the Studio Diaries they fulfilled a long-held desire to make films with the ease and directness that a writer writes or a painter paints, creating a project that is both diaristic in the sense of capturing moments of their daily life as well as like a sketchbook, each video an experiment with the language and possibilities of moving image.