Cornwall Diary

performance, moving image, drawing, text, photographs


2020   Domestic, Word of Warning, hÅb, UK

In Spring 2020 Daniel & Clara had planned to go on a camping holiday in Cornwall, but when the first lockdown was announced they found themselves confined to their home in Essex.

They had already spent a significant amount of time researching the trip, looking at maps, planning the walking routes and making a list of ancient sites to visit – so instead of letting reality interfere with their plans they pitched a tent in the garden and took an imagined journey to the South coast.

As with all adventures of the imagination, the story took on a life of its own and their trip across the rocky sea-sprayed Cornish landscapes sees the fantasy of a summer break disrupted by the unexplained disappearance of all other humans, a strange sickness affecting the birds and a mysterious encounter with the Men-an-Tol.

The journey resulted in an illustrated diary, photographs, moving image and a live performance which was presented via Zoom from their garden campsite.

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An artist book published to accompany this project is available to order here